Our Purpose

plusbiome’s purpose it to democratize the knowledge about the human microbiome. Knowledge about the microbiome is growing the scientific community, but very little translation work has been done to make it accessible to everyone.

We believe that the growing understanding of our microbiome, as an essential part of our body, is the key to a healthier and happier life. It is all about me plus my microbiome. This is what plusbiome stands for. We do this by speaking up for the microbiome, unfolding the wonders about the life in our body, and by our products and applications that support you in reaching your health goals. 

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Marc brings the scientific understanding as biochemist, Julia brings in the consumer side to plusbiome.

We work and live in Basel, Switzerland.


    Dr. Marc Creus

    I have spent more than 20 years of my professional life studying bacteria in great detail: their physiology, their metabolism and evolution. Already during my PhD studies in Medical Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, I investigated links between microorganisms and humans.

    In my experience as a scientist and researcher, I have come to realise that bacteria should not be seen only as an “enemy to combat”, but also that healthy bacterial communities should be seen as “good friends to care for”. In the past few years, there has been an explosion of discoveries around the world showing that many bacteria found in and on our bodies provide important health benefits. Bacteria can be found everywhere on the human body: on our skin, in breast-milk, in our lungs and especially in our guts. I have been following this exciting field of knowledge very carefully and in great detail.

    This personal journey into the “microbiome revolution” led me to co-found plusbiome and to sharing this knowledge and scientific advances with you.


      Julia Biwer

      My life changed with the pregnancy and birth of my first child. Suddenly health was not a given any more and I realized how precious health had become, both for myself and for my family. Like many people, to overcome my personal health challenges, I used to look for quick fixes, addressing them as they came up. But when issues kept popping up again and again and more numerous, I realized I needed to change the way I cared for my body and mind.

      I am a business professional with experience working for big multinationals in consumer goods. My interest in health led me to move professionally from consumer goods to healthcare. I worked with medical doctors on a regular basis and started reading a lot about health, wellbeing, and nutrition. In addition, I moved into practicing yoga, pilates and vipassana meditation. I got especially drawn into the topic of how our daily activities are important for our health and how food can be our cure. I also realized that our microbiome plays an essential role for our health. On the search for probiotics I realized that pharmacists were not able to answer my questions and the internet was full of cluttered information. This is when the idea of plusbiome was born. The world needs more reliable facts, products and tools to improve health through the microbiome. This is our journey, which we are happy and proud to share with you.

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