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We believe that we are just one small part of a larger whole. No human or company stands on its own but can only function and thrive within a community, a microbiome. We want to hear your questions & suggestions. We  are open to collaborations with other companies, medical doctors and other healthcare professionals.


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plusbiome is a Swiss microbiome brand with the purpose to making microbiome knowledge accessible to everyone. We believe it is time that you should be able to understand what microbiome strains you could benefit from. We provide you with the microbiome strains that best fit your health goals. Get your free report now by clicking HERE.

plusbiome offers the highest quality microbiome strains that can support you in leading a healthier life.

We have analyzed more than 100’000 scientific publications on the microbiome to understand which strains are working for whom. This is why we call ourselves the microbiome matchmakers.

After taking the questionnaire you receive a free report that explains which strains you could benefit from. You can now order the plusbiome product with the right strain combination to your home.

Our lifestyle, hygiene, and western diet limits exposure to good microorganisms, leading to a loss of bacterial diversity in our body. Many civilization diseases are being linked to this loss of biodiversity.  Humans have evolved to live with microorganisms. They strengthen our immune system, protect us against bad bacteria and provide us with essential nutrients.

Taking the right microbial strains as a daily food supplement can have positive health benefits.

A healthy, varied diet is one of the best things you can do for your health. We strongly recommend it. Food supplements should not be used to substitute a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. To obtain the most benefits from plusbiome microbiome strains, you should follow a healthy, varied diet: your microbiome requires a range of different fibers and good nutrients to thrive and to support your health and wellbeing.

Our microbiome strains come as a daily dose of 1.5g of white power packaged in a stick. Each sticks contains at least 10 billion living bacteria.

The taste has been kept natural and most of our customers describe it as “slightly yeasty” and pleasant. We recommend mixing the content of the stick with cold foods once a day: spread over a salad, mixed into a muesli, yoghurt…

Our products are vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

No vitamins or minerals have been added into our products because research shows that these additives can be harmful to the microbiome strains when packaged together. However, it is fine to take vitamin or mineral supplements separately.

Our plusbiome products have a carefully-designed “clean formula” focusing on the highest-quality microbiome strains.

We make it easy for you to support your microbiome. We tell you which microbiome strains fit to you – it only takes 21 questions, no sampling, no tests. We have distilled more than 100’000 publications into formulating your plusbiome product, selected for you. Our App empowers you to track your progress and experience how plusbiome makes a positive difference to you.

In many countries where we sell, nobody is yet allowed by law to advertise food supplements as “probiotics”. However, our live microbiome strains are classified legally as “probiotics” in some countries. In addition, researchers refer to our strains commonly as “probiotics” in the scientific literature.

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