Why is our microbiome the tropical forest of our body?

Wonderful diversity

The world is full of wonders and bursting with life. Life has managed to colonise every corner of the world and, wherever we look, there is life, with many forms and variations. But some areas of the world harbour more biodiversity than others. There are deserts and there are jungles. Also in and on our bodies, we see wonderful biodiversity and the most biodiversity is in our guts. Our guts form a rich, diverse ecosystem. Our guts are the amazon forests of our bodies.

Microbiome or microbiota?

The word “microbiome” is cropping up everywhere in the media these days. Did you know that this word is often used incorrectly? From a technical point of view, the word that should often be used is microbiota. What is the difference between microbiome and microbiota?