How it works

We believe that every human is unique. This is also true for your microbiome, the unique community of microorganisms living on and in your body. Science collects more and more knowledge about the potential of the microbiome, how it influences your immunity, your mental state and overall wellbeing. plusbiome makes this  knowledge accessible to you in three steps:

1. Understand

See how you can support your body and mind with the right microbiome strains. Fill out a 5-minutes questionnaire and receive a free report in which you will learn which microbiome strains can make a difference to you. These safe strains have shown to work for your health goals. From our range of products you can now order the one that best fits your needs. It will arrive to your doorstep a few days after ordering.

2. Activate

Take one stick of the plusbiome product per day. We recommend mixing the content of one stick into cereal or yoghurt or spreading it on cold foods like salads. Avoid the powder getting in touch with anything hot, since this is harmful to the microorganisms. 



3. Take control

The plusbiome App allows you to follow your wellbeing and see the progress that you are making. Also it reminds you of taking your plusbiome product and provides interesting facts about the microbiome. For you to feel the benefit.


We take care of the following points so that you can benefit from your microbiome


What we do, we do for you. We want you to be able to benefit from the latest scientific knowledge on the microbiome. Therefore we are suggesting you the strains that best fit your health goals. With our App you can follow your wellbeing and see your progress.

Your free report based on your health goals

The suggested product supports your health goals

Track & monitor your wellbeing with the App


You receive the microbiome strains with the strongest scientific evidence of being useful for your wellbeing. Our products are formulated in Switzerland for your convenience. We understand that taking a capsule or mixing a powder in water is not ideal. Therefore our products were formulated so that you can just add it to any cold food and take it the natural way.

Easy to dose: Just spread over cold food

Best, most-researched strains

Guaranteed 10billion CFUs/ stick

Formulated in Switzerland

No-nonsense additives

Quality & Safety

The way our products are produced and packaged is of highest importance to us. We are deciding for the best quality raw material, packaged with most care under protective environment. For packaging and shipment, we are choosing the most sustainable, plastic-free option.

Made in the EU

Vegan, gluten free, lactose free


Reducing plastic & CO2

Packaged under protective environment

Best materials & quality controls

All strains are considered safe by the European Food Safety Authority (efsa)

Highest production quality standards

Mental wellbeing


Immune system

Digestive health


Learn & Benefit

Learn more about the microbiome and how it influence wellbeing 
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